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Microsoft Teams vs. Google Meet: Which Software Is Better?

May 30, 2022
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The pandemic made remote work more popular than ever, ushering in a new business-standard. We had to go back to the drawing board… or the virtual whiteboard to figure out how to bring business communications online.

Today we’ll be comparing Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

To look at Microsoft Teams vs. Google Meet requires you to consider the primary functions of each video conferencing solution. Yes, both are tools people use to hold video meetings, but each is designed with different purposes in mind. Microsoft Teams is essentially an all-in-one collaboration software, while Google Meet is solely a video conferencing app.

When choosing between these two solutions, you must consider your specific needs. Are you looking for an app with robust collaboration tools so your distributed team can work productively on projects? Or, would you prefer an app that touts ease of use?

Below, we’ll compare Microsoft Teams vs. Google Meet so you can make the right decision:

What Is Microsoft Teams?     

Microsoft Teams is a proprietary chat-based communications platform that facilitates online meetings, file sharing, and tons of other business tasks. It's a shared workspace platform that allows teams to collaborate and make creative decisions together in an online environment.

Large companies, in particular, can benefit from Teams’ extensive integrations and security features. And that goes for companies made up of remote, in-person, or hybrid teams.

Microsoft is a tech giant that has developed innovative solutions for decades, so it comes as no surprise that Teams is among the most comprehensive business communications platforms on the market. It comes with a minor learning curve for non-Microsoft users. But once you get the hang of it, you'll realize how powerful it really is.

What Features Are Unique To Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows up to 300 participants per meeting and integrates with the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem. It provides 1080p video quality and more than 600 third-party integrations, key for screen sharing and reviewing meeting recordings.

Unlike Google Meets and some other video conferencing platforms, Teams comes with a standalone chat function that allows individuals, groups, and teams to communicate while working on projects or discussing other topics. This function is one thing that makes Teams more of a collaboration platform than simply a video conferencing solution.

It also offers a Planner app that lets you assign and organize tasks to keep project management going smoothly. When it comes to Microsoft Teams vs. Google Meet, Teams is by far the more comprehensive product.

Can You Use Microsoft Teams on a Mac?

Yes, Microsoft Teams is compatible with Mac. Using Teams is actually quite straightforward and intuitive. Mac users can also access the free plan as long as they have a account; the plan includes Outlook email, OneDrive 5GB storage, and many other features. 

What’s more, you can use the Teams app on mobile devices like your iPad and iPhone via the Teams app calendar or email invitation. A free version of Teams is available for personal and business use, each providing unique features. If you need more capabilities, you can opt for the paid plans; pricing will vary based on features.

Is Zoom Better Than Microsoft Teams?     

Much of choosing a video conferencing solution comes down to personal preference. Zoom is easier to use than Microsoft Teams, especially if you’re not a Microsoft user, which can come in handy if your team members are still getting used to a tech-driven workplace. Zoom also provides image filters, local recordings, and other unique features. 

With that said, the free version of Zoom only allows for meetings up to 40 minutes, while Teams offers 60-minute meetings. Pound for pound, Teams comes with many more capabilities and integrations. 

Can You Use Poised With Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Poised integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. The setup process is quick and easy, and no one but yourself will know that you’re using it.

What Is Google Meet?   

Google is a platform with the singular goal of making it as easy as possible to join video meetings. The platform is the developer’s response to the rising video conferencing trends across industries. Meet is essentially an improved-upon version of Google Hangouts, allowing users to start and join video conferences faster and more efficiently. 

Google Meet has an exceptionally light, clean interface and lets you hold sessions with up to 250 meeting participants. In the past, users had to have a G Suite account to organize meetings, but anyone with a Google account can now access the platform. The functionalities vary depending on the plan, and Meet is available to both Windows and Mac users. 

Different plans offer different features, including cloud storage and other pertinent features.

Does Google Meet Have Unique Perks?

Microsoft Teams is a more comprehensive solution than Google Meet because it comes with an entire workspace with chat, channels, tasks, and your calendar available in tabs. In other words, there’s more to navigate. Google Meet is for video conferencing and nothing else (though you can use it with Google Workspace and get many more features). 

If you regularly use Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive, this might be the video conferencing tool you’ve been looking for.

Along with Google App integration, Meet is incredibly easy to use, which is a significant benefit when arranging large meetings. There are four function buttons and a drop-down menu in meetings, and users can access team chat, breakout rooms, and other features that can elevate your remote work.

Also, you won’t get kicked out of meetings for accidentally clicking the red phone icon before confirming your decision in a pop-up box. In Microsoft Teams, an inadvertent click on the icon will abruptly end the call. 

There’s no question that Google Meet’s streamlined interface is a major perk for new users. It’s the more straightforward option and easier to navigate all around. 

Does Google Meet Have a Desktop App?

Yes, you can use the Google Meet Progressive Web App (PWA) to run Meet on your desktop or laptop computer, as long as you use the Google Chrome browser (version 73 and up). The PWA makes it simpler and faster to locate your meeting window; it provides all the features of Meet. Both the PWA and Meet update anytime your Chrome browser updates. 

You can use the PWA through Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. While you must have Chrome open, you don’t need to set it as your default browser to install PWA.

Installing the desktop app is a breeze on, and you can also install it from a meeting green room. You’ll automatically go to the meeting green room when joining a meeting through your Google Calendar, and you can open the PWA from there. 

Is Google Meet Better Than Microsoft Teams?    

Yes and no. The winner of Microsoft Teams vs. Google Meet depends on your and your team’s needs. Teams is widely regarded as the better video conferencing solution for larger businesses that need a full-on collaboration platform and lots of integrations. 

Google Meet is ideal for small businesses and solopreneurs that want easy-to-use video conferencing software; even people who have never participated in a video meeting can quickly learn the ropes with Meet. 

If you want higher video resolution, webinar functionality, remote desktop control, chat transcriptions, and other features not offered by Google Meet, Microsoft Teams is your best bet. If you want the capability to conduct simple video meetings with a minimal learning curve, go with Meet. 

Can You Use Poised With Google Meet?

Yes, Poised works with Google Meet. Similar to the 800+ other communication and productivity tools, integrating Poised with Meet is quick and painless. You simply authenticate your account, and you get communication coaching throughout your meetings without anyone else knowing!

How To Make Your Video Calls Better

Choosing the right video conferencing software is a big first step to effective communication, but it’s only the beginning.

Here are three quick tips for taking your video calls to the next level:

1. Communication Training With Poised    

Poised provides real-time feedback during video meetings on your filler words, words most spoken, empathy, energy, confidence, and many other aspects. You can also undergo personalized communication training, which assesses your skills against the best communicators in your industry and gives you in-meeting challenges. 

Moreover, you can access many videos, exercises, and other content from communication experts. Using Poised will help you notice improvements in no time!

2. Check Yourself for Using Filler Words

People use filler words when unprepared, nervous, or distracted in meetings and presentations.

These words include but are not limited to:

  • Um
  • Uh
  • Like
  • So
  • You know

The best way to stop using so many fillers is to recognize how many (and which ones) you use. Poised can help you identify trends and minimize your filler usage. Preparing your material before each meeting and presentation can also help you excel.

If you learn your triggers for nervousness or distractions, you’ll know when to pause and refocus your thoughts instead of filling the space with meaningless words. 

3. Examine Your Body Language

Finally, your body language significantly influences how well you engage your team members in online meetings. Keep consistent eye contact with those listening and speaking, and show that you’re receptive to others’ ideas by maintaining an open posture. Also, always keep your head and chin up to project confidence!

Compare and Contrast

Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are each exceptional video conferencing solutions in their own right. Teams is more of a full-fledged collaboration platform that integrates with countless tools, but it comes with a steeper learning curve. On the other hand, Google Meet is only used for video conferencing, and it’s one of the easiest platforms to use. 

Consider the size and experience of your team, and choose the software that meets your needs. And remember to keep improving your communication skills to get the most out of your video meetings!


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