Use Cases

Discover all the ways you can use Poised to improve communication in your business.

Speaking with Poised helps...

Training and team building
Lead your team
Drive meetings with empathy

Use Cases


Inspire your team to greater heights
Become an empathetic communicator and leader

Product Managers

Justify product decisions more effectively
Build consensus among growth teams and stakeholders


Practice and perfect the pitch to make the sale
Temperature check whether you come across as convincing


Communicate marketing objectives effectively


Build consensus and drive design thinking


Get live alerts to keep you on track despite nervousness
Analyze your interviewing performance with AI


...and more!

Why Product Managers trust Poised

Alex launched MeUndies on Reddit with a bespoke creative strategy and successfully drove incremental purchases with key performance indicators exceeding platform benchmarks. 

Alex M.

Jeremy grew Tushy 8X YoY with paid media. Managing 12 agencies and five direct reports, he created a clear vision of the target customer and the path to increase LTV.

Jeremy W.

Lori launched a heritage branded skin care line on Amazon, grew sales over 325% and generated hundreds of positive reviews in year one.

Lori F.

Ashley efficiently scaled Girlfriend Collective's ad spend from $30k to $100k+ per month, generating over $4M in sales in a 5 month period.


Jamie led the launch of a new DTC mattress site, managing paid advertising, social influencers, and email marketing — and grew revenue to over $1M in the first year. 

Jamie B.

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