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Become a Great Communicator

Poised is an AI-powered communication coach that provides you personalized feedback and lessons by observing your online meetings

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Trusted by employees at:

AirbnbMcKinsey & CompanySalesforceBarclaysGoogle

Artificial Intelligence

Identify areas of strength and improvement from your performance in meetings

Poised analyzes your speech and video in meetings and presentations. Understand your performance along critical dimensions for effective spoken communication.

Poised speak share feature
Poised clarity and filler words feature
Poised confidence and hedging words features
Poised speaking pace feature

Real Time Feedback

Make immediate corrections with prompts during meetings

Get alerted in real-time on issues you can immediately fix. No more rambling, speaking too fast or using a bad camera position.

Poised real-time communication feedback for online meetings


Track performance over time.

Keep tracking how you’re improving over time on every dimension. Analyze performance across different types of meetings and presentations to diagnose issues.

Poised helps you track your communication progress over time

Learning Path

Get a personalized learning plan to improve

Get personalized lessons from our huge content library created by the world's top speech coaches.

Poised gives you research-based tips for improving spoken communication


Get more out of Poised with

Google Meet
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Poised works with any videoconferencing tool
...and many other services.

You’re in great company.

Industry professionals love our product

Elaine D.

Finance at SaaS Tech

I love the real time coaching aspects and the consistent feedback.

Jake Harper

Lead Designer at Zoox

The feedback on my growth areas was super detailed and actionable. I definitely want to continue using this.

Ahmed Haque

CEO at Edtech Startup

I love this! So many people all over the world are going to find this very useful.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need consent from other meeting participants to use Poised?

No consent is needed from other participants because Poised only captures audio when you speak and not audio from others.

Do other meeting participants know I am using Poised?

Other meeting participants will not know you are using Poised. Poised does not interact with your video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, or Microsoft Teams.

How do you handle my meetings and calendar data?

At Poised, we care about privacy of your data and are committed to protecting it. We do not sell your personal information to anyone and we do not send other participant voice data to our servers. For more information see our stance on privacy in simple terms.

How do I set up Poised?

Download and install the Poised app for Mac or Windows. Set up an account and you're all set. Integrating with your calendar will ensure Poised does not miss any of your meetings and provides more contextual feedback.

Maximize your potential with your personal communication coach.

Built by a team from top technology companies and communication coaching institutions.

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