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5 Communication Industry Trends for Remote Work to Expect in 2022

January 24, 2022
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Industry 4.0 and the pandemic caused a chain reaction throughout organizations, such as prioritizing the need for remote communications. Online roles and interactions have become a norm rather than an exception. 

Although research shows that face-to-face discussions have significant advantages over digital alternatives, technology is quickly changing the status quo. You will need the remote work skills acquired throughout the year to help open doors to new opportunities in 2022. Repetition, reflection, and feedback may be a recurring communication theme for the upcoming months. 

1. Mobile-friendliness will continue to expand

Mobile-first strategies have remained a priority for many software developers in recent years, but 2022 could see companies taking the concept to the next level. Your management might explore new and effective ways in remote communication, connecting with employees from the convenience of mobile devices. 

Some possible approaches include using surveys and focus groups to better understand employees' experiences. While conventionally, employers tend to rely on emails as a channel for delivering essential files and information, mobile channels may soon become the preferred choice.

Your employers may leverage the convenience of mobile communication to distribute bite-sized information that improves engagement rates and communication skills among the workforce. It is a good time to familiarize yourself with mobile-friendly platforms to prepare for the upcoming communication trend. 

2. More exploration of VR/AR communication

With much talk brewing over the incoming metaverse, a growing number of individuals and groups will inevitably turn to mixed reality solutions. These initiatives can help drive immersive experiences through impactful remote communication. Unfortunately, AR/VR programs have resulted in mixed reactions among users, mostly involving security concerns. 

For example, Google Glass brought forth confidentiality issues related to non-consensual photography. 2022 could see developers refining and expanding the use of mixed reality products, with an increased focus on data management, communication skills, and security considerations. You might consider meeting a co-worker in an AR/VR meeting room to experience the interactive features that could stimulate and improve remote discussions. 

3. Chatbot apps to improve conversations

AI-powered chatbots enable you to resolve basic customer queries while you focus on value-added tasks. 2022 could see further developments in AI technology through accumulated big data, driving more human-like communication skills that connect organizations and end-users. 

Tech companies currently stock a wide range of chatbot applications that might eventually see mainstream use in remote communications. These innovations include built-in payment processing and voice-driven bots that enable hand-free controls, making them highly accessible.

Your company might implement these chatbots to facilitate communications. If so, it is essential to learn more about the advantages and limitations of these programs and discover how you can supplement the service with contextual expertise. 

4. Continuing to shape remote work culture

The pandemic led to a re-evaluation of the workforce and the state of employment (i.e., worker well-being and mental health). As a result, remote and hybrid work arrangements will likely remain an organizational trend. 

One effective way of preserving company culture lies behind increasing interpersonal communications among co-workers. A casual text message, a voice note, or informal email are some simple but effective ways to foster mutual care, concern, and teamwork.  

5. Using communication coaching tools

Remote communication can often feel complex, and it can be easy to have messages lost in translation that could result in conflicts and misunderstandings. With the shift to remote work, companies are adopting new norms for effective communication through digital channels. Teams and individuals looking to improve their communication skills in remote environments may start or continue using coaching resources and apps like Poised.

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