What You Can Learn From a Zoom Transcription

August 8, 2022
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Since the pandemic, Zoom has become one of the premiere video conferencing platforms among businesses. It offers robustness, compatibility, and a wealth of integrations with existing tools. 

Meetings are a critical component in the new normal, especially among companies that rely on a distributed workforce. However, you must effectively track and record meetings to get the most from Zoom, and that’s challenging to do when your team members and clients are in different time zones.

The good news is many tools provide a live transcription feature, which can keep all your employees and leaders in the know and reveal your team's strong and weak areas.

Below, Poised explains in more detail how your business can benefit from Zoom transcriptions.

What Can a Zoom Transcription Tell You?

We’ve all mentally replayed specific meetings in their entirety after they end. Many of us have tried to remember the key points of a sales discovery call to no avail. Sometimes even our handwritten or typed notes let us down.

Meeting transcription provides more than mere information. It’s a highly valuable resource you can always refer to when necessary. You can expect fewer callbacks to clarify misunderstandings or resolve doubts, and knowing you have a Zoom meeting transcript in your pocket will automatically boost focus and productivity.

Though meetings are more common and necessary than ever, most employees feel that they have too many meetings and that too much of their time is wasted on unproductive ones. More meetings and webinars don’t necessarily mean more progress and growth. It’s essential to focus resources on increasing the efficiency of your team and client meetings to minimize the toll on people and increase overall productivity. 

Enable live transcription of your Zoom meetings to significantly reduce your employees' need for multitasking and ensure no one is wasting their time. Here are some other vital benefits of collecting Zoom meeting recordings:

See How Clear Your Communication Is

There’s no effective communication without clarity. Delivering and receiving messages clearly are the cornerstones of business communication, especially among teams. A Zoom transcription is an unbiased representation of your communication, and it can help you make objective decisions on improvement.

How Many Filler Words You Use

“Like, well, um, uh” — you know a filler word when you hear it. But that doesn’t mean you hear all the fillers you use in your virtual meetings.

Research suggests speakers should only use one filler word per minute, but filler words tend to slip in every 12 seconds — five filler words per minute. This reduces conciseness and clarity. 

Analyzing a Zoom text transcription reveals how many filler words you typically use and the specific words you’re most likely to rely on. Paying attention to the culprits will help you boost clarity and conciseness in your communication, ultimately improving your chances of success.

How Much You Talked in a Meeting

Do you talk too much? One objective way to find out is through Zoom live transcriptions. Active listening is essential whether you’re meeting with team members or clients, and you can’t actively listen when you’re speaking throughout the majority of a video conference.

Study audio transcripts to identify how much you talk in meetings and use the insights as motivation to listen more in your next video conference. 

How Many Trigger Words You Used 

Trigger words can be effective for evoking specific emotions from your listeners. When used tastefully, they resonate on just the right level to make your audience feel how you want them to. You can use trigger words to captivate your listeners, build trust, and persuade them to make a purchase (or at least believe your ideas).

Automatic transcripts can reveal how many trigger words you used in a specific meeting, and you can analyze your findings over multiple sessions. You’ll then be more equipped to gauge whether you’re using them in or out of balance.

How Grammatically Correct Your Sentences Are

People’s writing is often more grammatically correct than their speaking. There is a certain grace we naturally give others in verbal speech; we don’t expect perfect grammar in meetings. 

That said, heavy doses of poor grammar might make you appear less competent than you actually are. You can use a Zoom transcription to learn how grammatically correct you typically speak and identify where to make improvements.

Is There a Better Way To Analyze Zoom Calls?

You can learn a lot by reading through a Zoom transcription service, but you’ll only reap maximum benefits when using the right tools. Poised communication software will provide live transcription, do the analysis for you, and guide you to new heights in your communication. 

Use Poised for Personalized Zoom Call Feedback

The Poised communication coach is a first-of-its-kind business solution. Here’s how it can boost your communication skills through personalized feedback:

Poised Helps You Improve Your Confidence on Zoom Calls

Poised centers on improving users' communication, which naturally results in higher confidence. A competent, confident communicator can accomplish nearly everything they put their mind to.

Poised Helps You Eliminate Bad Communication Habits

Bad communication habits can sabotage your Zoom meetings and hinder you from getting your message across effectively. By alerting you in real-time of the areas in your communication that need to be fixed, Poised will help you eliminate poor habits and build your competence.

Poised Helps You Analyze Your Team’s Communication

The Poised communication coach can do wonders for an individual's communication performance. But it also helps companies address and improves their teams’ communication as a whole. Leaders can review long-term trends to analyze where things are going wrong to right the ship.

Start Using Poised for Zoom Calls Today

Using Zoom transcription can benefit your company in countless ways, and Poised can equip you to get the most from your transcripts. What are you waiting for?

Look into the Poised communication coach today if you’re ready to improve as a communicator and facilitate better team collaboration. And get ready for more productivity, efficiency, and overall success among your team.


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