Krisp vs. Poised: A Side-by-Side Comparison

June 2, 2022
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There was already a shift to remote work before the onset of the pandemic. But since COVID-19 emerged, that shift has accelerated beyond what any tech company imagined possible. Businesses of all sizes were scrambling to find a way to keep their doors open, and the answer was to embrace virtual environments and flexible work schedules.

Krisp and Poised are a couple of the top products geared toward enterprises, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who rely on video meetings. Both can help your meetings and calls go more smoothly, but they serve different purposes.

Let’s talk more about Krisp vs. Poised:

What Is Krisp?   

Krisp is a communication app that removes background noise from audio using machine learning. The Armenian company has grown exponentially since the pandemic emerged in 2020. It was founded on a simple idea: isolating the human voice from all background noise to make audio clearer. That remains its primary purpose today.

Krisp continues to grow in the number of users and revenue. This noise cancellation app has 20 times the active users and 13 times the annual recurring revenue than in 2019. It follows the general rise of virtual meetings, which often occur in noisy places like homes, coffee shops, and shared workspaces. 

All organizations can benefit from using Krisp, from call centers to banks, law firms, and small businesses. Essentially, if your communication will go more smoothly and productively with clearer audio, Krisp can help. It’s a straightforward, easy-to-use tool for ensuring you can hear the other person and that they can hear you. 

How Well Does Krisp Work?

Krisp’s bi-directional Noise Cancellation feature removes disruptive, unwanted noise from both ends of a conversation. The technology works with your microphone and speaker, ensuring that only your own voice is heard clearly by you and the other person.

The AI-powered tool identifies and removes sounds from the other end of the line too. It minimizes distractions so you can concentrate and get the most from your important meeting.

There is also a voice cancellation feature that filters out any voices that are not the primary speaker. Krisp’s Voice Cancellation is the first and only technology of its kind. You know how challenging it can be to focus during meetings when other people are around.

This feature will detect all the voices from a different pitch category and remove them from the audio so that you don't have to worry about negative impacts from loud chatter or outbursts in the environment.

Moreover, the Krisp app comes with Echo Cancellation to eliminate any echoes from the walls, floors, ceilings, or other hard surfaces in a room. This means you can take a call from the bathroom, kitchen, office, or anywhere else.

Acoustic echo is common with overly-sensitive microphones, and Krisp will eliminate the echo no matter how intense. Now, you and the other person can enjoy crystal clear audio processing without those bulky noise-canceling headphones, thanks to krisp.ai.

One of Krisp’s new features is Virtual Backgrounds, which gives users a selection of preloaded images or the option to upload their own. This helps you make every video call appear more professional or reflect your brand.

Krisp integrates with all video conferencing apps. So, if you get Krisp, you can choose a background and use it for all of your meetings instead of setting up your background each time.

Does Less Background Noise Improve Meetings?

Early versions of Krisp offered a barebones feature set (background noise on/off). Over time, the company has significantly upgraded its product and infrastructure. 

Krisp provides noise cancellation and acoustic correction for high-fidelity voice channels. The acoustic correction eliminates room echoes from the audio, which is a boon for virtual meeting participants, streamers, podcasters, and anyone else who relies on voice clarity through online platforms.  

Background noise is a common issue among businesses of all sizes that depend on video conferences and meetings. Having less background noise to deal with drastically improves online meetings. It makes it feel like it’s just you and the other speakers and allows everyone to concentrate on the topics and ideas at hand. 

The Drawbacks of Using Krisp

Crisp integrates with more than 800 other tech tools, and it’s straightforward to use. It even comes with a feature that lets you monitor call participation in real-time. This feature displays the precise amount of time you have spoken during the meeting and gives insight on when you should let other participants talk. 

The meeting insights feature lets you track and analyze personal metrics like participation, meeting time, and talk time. Reviewing these metrics between meetings can help you determine how to engage other participants more effectively and conduct more productive conference calls.

With that said, the insights provided by these features are not as sophisticated and detailed as those you receive from Poised. If you use all the features Krisp offers, it could limit the other tools that you can use smoothly during meetings. Sticking to the cancellation features (noise, voice, and echo) will help you and your team get the most from meetings without cluttering up your screen.

Does Krisp Make a Big Difference?   

Yes, Krisp can significantly improve your meetings by eliminating noise, non-primary voices, and echoes from the audio. 

We all know how distracting coffee shop chatter, traffic, and crying babies can be when we’re trying to focus on work. Krisp removes all the distractions to help everyone stay on task and enjoy conversations.

What Is Poised?  

Poised is an AI-powered communication coach that gives users real-time feedback and helps them analyze their performance across time, compatible with Mac and Windows. The ultimate goal is to communicate gracefully, elegantly, and confidently during meetings and presentations. You want to command the room and clearly deliver your message with poise.

That's the primary function of Poised's business software. It analyzes how you speak in real-time and over the long haul so you can make the necessary changes during meetings and improve in each meeting thereafter.

Poised also provides pointers on how to improve your body language when speaking (and listening), such as hand gestures, body posture, and eye contact. If you tend to ramble or use filler words frequently, Poised can help you stop that as well!

Another crucial aspect of communicating effectively during meetings is the pace at which you speak. The Poised communication coach will show you whether you need to slow down or speed up your speech to maximize engagement from your audience.

The software will even alert you when you need to modify your camera position to optimize the room's lighting and get the right distance from the camera.

Poised integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Online Communication Training

Poised provides many easy-to-use features, but it's not a one-size-fits-all product. With a personalized plan, Poised will analyze your unique communication metrics and tailor its coaching to your specific needs.

Fun in-meeting challenges will help you become a more impactful communicator on the spot, and Poised will regularly assess your performance compared to some of the best communicators in your industry. 

Furthermore, there are many available exercises, articles, and videos created by Poised experts; you can review analyses and access the content that will help you the most. Poised may be powered by artificial intelligence, but that doesn't mean it's not personal!

Unique Poised Features That Krisp Doesn’t Have

We mentioned that Krisp offers meeting insights. You can use these insights to monitor and analyze communication metrics, but Poised allows you to manage many more metrics. The AI-powered communication coach will measure your energy, confidence, and empathy, among many other characteristics.

Poised goes into deep detail about your communication performance and helps you improve a range of factors, such as body language, camera position, speaking pace, usage of fillers, and tone of voice.

It also gives you a bird’s-eye view of your performance over time and you can use the trends to identify areas in which you have improved and need to improve. In short, poised provides all the insight as crisp and much more.

Can You Use Poised and Krisp at the Same Time?  

Yes, you can activate Poised and Krisp simultaneously. Keep in mind that you may want to adjust the settings on your tools to prevent too many features from operating at once, which can clutter up your screen and make it difficult to improve your performance. 

The noise, voice, and echo cancellation features of Krisp can do wonders for helping you and your team understand each other clearly and stay on task. But if you want to improve your personal communication skills in real-time and across time, use all the features that Poised provides.

Poised: Your Online Communication Teacher

Using both Krisp and Poised for your meetings can help your team carry out more productive meetings. Krisp cancels out the background noise, non-primary voices, and echoes that can clutter up an audio feed, while Poised coaches you to become a more effective communicator. 

Start taking your career to new heights today by joining Poised for free! 


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