Elevate sales call performance with AI based real-time feedback

Imagine if every sales rep could perform more like your top performer. What if AI could make that a reality?

For early to mid-career reps or those adapting to new processes or products, mastering their calls is crucial. Common pitfalls like insufficient discovery, pitches misaligned with client needs, unclear next steps or not following parts of your sales methodology often hinder success and make it challenging to scale your team. These mistakes generally stem from a sales rep's lack of awareness, ingrained habits, call anxiety, or difficulty steering the conversation.

Until now, sales and enablement leaders address these challenges through personalized feedback from call reviews, team training sessions, and role-play. However, these methods have limitations: they’re time-consuming, not always personalized, need to be done periodically for re-inforcement and most importantly, can be quickly forgotten in the heat of a real call.

This is where AI can now help by being a coach that’s always there with the rep during calls. This new type of coaching can work well because it is 

Timely  - Comes exactly in the moment when the action has to be taken 

Contextual and personalized - Can take into account what the prospect is saying and how the rep is reacting which is hard to know and train for before the call. 

In workflow - Reps don’t have to go to another app or session to get the training. It automatically comes on whenever they have a call.

At Poised, our 3 years of experience providing real-time feedback on calls to 43k+ professionals has given us the learnings to create an effective experience for sales reps without distracting them during calls. 

Poised provides real-time assistant to sales reps in 3 ways.

1. Recommended topics 

A dynamic, glanceable guide keeps reps on track whenever they have doubts about where to take the call next with customized topics from your team's playbook, auto-updating as each item is addressed.

2. Prompts during calls 

Whenever a call seems to be going down a path that will likely lead to suboptimal outcomes (like rep jumping into a demo too early), Poised can more proactively prompt the rep to take immediate action. We have learned when exactly to provide these nudges and how to prioritize them and personalize to each user in order to maximize their effectiveness while minimizing distractions. 

The types of prompts Poised is able to provide can help with re-inforcing best practice processes, handling objections or improving clarity of communication.


3. Nudges right before/after calls 

Tailored feedback and reminders right before and after calls reinforces best practices, offering a more timely and effective alternative to delayed manager reviews.

It's time to step into the future of sales excellence, where every call can be an opportunity to excel, every rep can be a top performer, and every client interaction a step closer to success. 

Reach out to us here if you are interested in getting early access to Poised for sales teams.

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