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Call Recording Apps: Which One Is the Best?

August 5, 2022
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It's hard to remember everything we need from certain video or phone conversations. Just like taking notes during in-person meetings, recording your video calls is an excellent way to keep track of all the crucial information shared during your client and team interactions. 

No, recorded conversations are not always necessary. But they can help your team avoid common communication mistakes, enhance your sales strategy, and build confidence.

Read on as Poised shares a few of the best call recording apps for desktop, iOS, and Android and explains the benefits of using them. 

What Are the Best Apps for Recording Calls?

So, what are the best apps on the market for recording phone calls?

Here are a few of our top picks:

Poised: Get Real-Time Feedback on Video Calls

Not all calls are over the phone. With more and more remote workers entering the job market, video calls, like Zoom or Skype, are increasingly the norm. 

If you are recording a video call on your desktop, Poised can help you track the call, including your individual performance. 

Thousands of professionals are enhancing their day-to-day skills through the insightful feedback the Poised communication coach provides. Our software records calls and gives tips on the spot for improving your clarity, conciseness, empathy, and more.

You can use Poised recordings to analyze your performance over time. The software will provide real-time feedback and summaries of your calls, as well as your progress over time

If you want expert content tailored to your specific needs, a personalized plan will do the trick.

PhoneWagon: A Helpful Tool for Phone Calls

Another powerful call tracking software, PhoneWagon, integrates with your VoIP service to boost marketing performance. It can help your team monitor inbound call conversions, marketing spends, sentiment, and more. It’s available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Using PhoneWagon’s call recording data to share recordings with your team will help you enhance your customer experience along with your team's skill sets. You can use the software‘s automatic recording features to record incoming and outgoing calls.

This allows your managers to effectively address problems and improve training practices. This auto-call recorder also features call porting and whisper messages and works with many of the top marketing and tracking tools.

Rev: A Powerful PhoneWagon Alternative

Rev Call Recorder is one of the most popular phone recording options of its kind, and it’s available for iPhone and Android phones, as well as iPads and other similar devices. This free call recording makes monitoring incoming and outgoing smartphone calls a cinch.

This free app’s call recording feature lets users make unlimited recordings for free without paid ads and in-app purchases. You simply dial the phone number, wait for the Rev recording number to appear, and dial into the call recorder. You then merge the call to start recording when the other person answers.

This app even alerts you to record incoming calls and allows you to add other phone conversations to the same recording. You can share, create transcriptions, or delete the recording after each call. Additionally, you also store your recorded files on Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, and other cloud storage platforms. 

Why Record Your Calls?

Using a voice recorder and reviewing video or phone calls can help your team improve business practices and operations. Listening to recordings can remind you or inform you of details you might miss from meeting minutes or notes. 

If you’re unable to attend an important team or client meeting, you don’t have to worry about missing any key points or details.

Here are a few ways recording your remote calls can benefit you and your team members:

Improve Your Sales Strategy

Consider all that goes into creating and executing a sales strategy. Among other things, your team must determine your objectives, conduct various analyses, do plenty of research, and learn as much as possible about your clients. Imagine each of your colleagues remaining current on every little detail from your meetings.

When the entire team is up to date and in sync, it’s much easier to develop a sales strategy that pushes your company toward its goals. Virtually every aspect of your sales strategy can go smoother when you record your conversations for playback whenever needed.

Look for Bad Communication Habits

Recording your video conversations and reviewing the audio files helps you to train your team members more effectively. 

A high-quality automatic call recorder app makes it easy to identify poor (and good) communication habits. You can then use your audio recordings to address issues by the individual and guide them toward effective communication. You can also use old recordings when training new or existing employees.

Real-time feedback is just as effective as playing back a video. With the free version of Poised, you can get instant feedback and track your video call recordings for two meetings a week. 

Analyze Your Team’s Performance in Conference Calls

Call recording apps might simplify many functions of your business, but they also allow you to deeply analyze your team's performance. The right app will enable you to identify specific keywords, as well as call events that negatively impact ROI

You can measure call sentiment and intent to re-target good leads and discover high-value callers. You can even monitor sales agents and determine how they can provide better customer service.

Call recording apps let users collect a range of sales performance data by the individual so you can track engagement and conversion rate. And you can use insights to inform your follow-up events and other actions according to call engagement, keywords, or sentiment score.

Grow Your Confidence Over Time

Anytime you or your colleagues take steps to improve your communication skills, it will boost your confidence. Over time, you’ll notice significant changes across the board that directly impact your team collaboration, morale, and sales processes. Using third-party apps can reveal behaviors and other details of your performance you may never learn about otherwise.

Poised: Personalized Communication Feedback for Your Team

Don’t waste any more time settling for sub-par communication and sales. Research the wealth of helpful call recording apps available, choose one that addresses the specific needs of your team and organization, and press the record button.

You might be surprised how much the right call recording app will boost your sales strategy, help you nix bad communication habits, and analyze your team's performance on sales calls. Go for Poised’s personalized communication coach, and use its valuable feedback to move your company in the right direction.


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