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10 Things That Will Lead To A Zoom Firing

January 11, 2022
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Over the last couple of years, virtual meetings have completely exposed some pretty bad behavior! Sitting behind a computer screen, it’s easy to feel comfortable acting in ways that would otherwise be unacceptable. You say things that you wouldn't dare say in person, and do things you know wouldn’t be acceptable in an in-person meeting. But why? Because over the internet you can get away with anything…right? Wrong!

Most meetings are recorded, and even if you’re “sure” they’re not being recorded, remember, what you do over the internet lasts forever! 

Using Google Meet is fairly new to most companies, so it’s no surprise that it has taken a while for some employees to learn meeting etiquette. Good etiquette includes being attentive, not interrupting people, having a dedicated work space, and more. Check out this article for more etiquette tips!

We want you to have good etiquette. For sure strive for that! But as you strive for good etiquette, let’s take a look at some things you shouldn’t be doing; things that would likely get you fired for doing as you use Google Meet. 

Sharing Recorded Content From the Meeting

We’ve probably all seen virtual meeting “fails” by now. Because our meetings are recorded, it’s easy to snip a clip of your pantsless coworker, or boss who turned themselves into a potato. While this does give people a laugh (and a darn good one), and could help you go viral, it’s not very professional. There’s some legal problems involved with sharing materials like this without the consent of those in the meeting.

Legal problems aside, it’s just embarrassing for those involved in the blunder. Let’s follow the example of those traveling to Vegas, and live by the phrase, “what happens in the meeting, stays in the meeting”. Allow one’s little mishap to be a shared laugh among co-workers, but think twice before sharing it to social media if you hope to keep your job. 

Constantly Interrupting People

This is equally as important in virtual meetings as it is in in-person meetings. It’s simple, you wouldn’t constantly interrupt someone in-person, so don’t do it virtually. Because virtual meetings aren’t perceived as personal as in-person meetings, it’s easy to feel more comfortable interrupting people. Just remember, interrupting people is rude, annoying, and if excessive, will get you fired.

Watching TV, Using Social Media, Youtube, Etc.

We know. The best part of working remotely is being able to multitask as you join meetings right? Ya, NO! Not paying attention to your meetings will get you fired. Zoning out is one thing, but deliberately watching TV is another. If you forget to turn off your camera, or mute the TV when you speak, you will be found out and that will certainly not be good for you. During meetings, stay away from distractions like the TV and other forms of entertainment.  

Yelling at Your Children or Pets

You probably shouldn’t yell at your kids or your pets in general, but let’s especially not do this via Google Meet. Apart from being very awkward for those in the meeting, it paints you in a pretty bad light. It’s never fun seeing someone lose their temper over small things.

Before meeting virtually, make sure you’re distraction free! That means having a plan for your children and pets so they’re safe and won’t interrupt your workspace.

Using Derogatory Language

You’d think this is obvious right? It should be, but it hasn’t stopped people in the past. Using derogatory language could manifest itself by the way you speak to a coworker, boss, or subordinate. This most commonly happens when you’re frustrated and angry. If you can’t avoid getting frustrated in a meeting, take some deep breaths, and maybe stick to the chat feature so you can get your thoughts organized without using derogatory language. 

Viewing or Sharing Inappropriate Content

This is one of those things that will get you fired instantly. Do not, we repeat DO NOT view or share elicit content during a virtual meeting! If you think you’re sending something to just a coworker via chat, you’re not. At the end of the meeting, the host can print the chat and that includes any private message as well. 

Talking Poorly About Your Boss

Speaking poorly of your boss isn’t something you would do to their face. While you probably won’t do it via a video call either, employees have used the chat feature to badmouth their bosses. We get that you won’t always mesh perfectly with your boss or agree with their decisions. That’s okay. But there’s a better way to bring these qualms up, and the chat feature during a work meeting is not it. 

Gossiping About Coworkers

Why or why must so many obvious things be mentioned? Well, because they happen! Again, you should avoid gossiping about co-workers in general, but if you’re going to do it, don’t do it in the chat section, or the virtual meeting. There will be a record of this, and if someone sees it, you will get in big trouble. 

Discriminating Against Anyone

Discrimination will get you fired instantly. It’s illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of sex, gender-identity, sexuality, race, age, nationality, religion, or disabilities. Don’t discuss these qualities in relation to making workplace decisions via any feature of Google Meet. The videos are recorded and saved, as well as what happens in the chat. Better yet, just don’t discriminate!

Not Wearing Pants (or Appropriate Clothes in General)

We’ve come full circle by now haven’t we? While you really shouldn’t share snippets of your pantless coworkers… wearing pants would prevent this from happening in the first place. It’s always good to be safe and wear appropriate clothing. Too often, people confuse working from home with working in their pajamas.  Stay on the safe side and wear clothing that you know is appropriate for your specific job. 

Yes, many of these tips seemed obvious! But you know how every rule comes from someone first doing something, and it ending really poorly? Well these tips are the same. These are all mentioned because someone has once done them. Learn from their mistakes and avoid these doings as you meet with your team via Google Meet.

Say it like you mean it.

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