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Real-Time Assistance on All Sales Calls

Reinforce Your Winning Process & Prevent Common Mistakes
with Zero Implementation Effort!

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Current Solutions Fall Short

  1. Hard to find time to review calls, identify gaps & reinforce best practices

  2. Lack of actionable in-time feedback for reps without drowning in data

  3. Hard to track progress towards  topline impact & skill development

See AI in action on a discovery call


On-Call Process Reinforcement

  1. Reinforce your process, not generic templates

  2. Dynamic templates based on call type

  3. Auto-checks off what's covered

  4. Recommends best next steps


On-Call Real-Time Dynamic Prompts

  1. Improves reps discovery, demo, objection handling & clarity

  2. Fully customizable, contextual & fast

  3. Designed to not distract


Pre-Call Preps & Post-Call Debriefs

  1. Gentle Reminders & Actionable Insights from previous calls

  2. Instant Data-Backed Feedback on what was missed

  3. Contextual Snippets from Top Reps

  4. Call Summaries

Reverse-Engineer your Sales Process

  1. Platform reviews historical recorded conversations

  2. Recommends best practices by call type

  3. Easy Gong Integration available

Actionable Team & Rep Insights

  1. Identify Areas of Improvement scientifically

  2. Monitor trends to track progress

  3. Admin, Manager, Rep View

Poised Works Out of the Box with your Tech Stack

Works with Meeting Tools, Call Recorders & Dialers
Desktop App that listens to Reps & Prospects
Provides Assistance Privately
(No API Integrations)

4.9/5 stars
30+ reviews
The real-time feedback is so helpful. It allows me to adjust during my presentation to deliver a more impactful message. 

- Karrie E, Account Executive at Fortune 500.

Automatically reinforce your winning behaviors across the team.

Stop losing winnable deals, speed up sales cycles and don't waste time on unqualified prospects

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On-call assistance sounds might be distracting or ineffective if too slow

•  43K+ professionals love prompts. Try it today with a free trial for you or your reps.

Fear significant time & effort is needed to train & customize AI for your needs

•  All you need to do is share already recorder calls. Leave the heavy lifting to the platform!

Significant rep training needed (one more tool!)

•  No learning curve + reps continue to use existing tech stack
•  Priority Onboarding + Customer Service (to help you capture value quickly)