We Value Your Privacy and Security

At Poised, we know you care about your privacy and confidentiality, just like we do. We wrote this to simply explain our policy and the principles underlying it.

1. We do not sell your personal information to anyone.
2. We do not link any usage of the product to sensitive information such as transcripts or calendar events.
3. We do not send other participant voice data to our servers. All audio is deleted after processing.

What do we not collect? (This is the data that never leaves your device)
Audio of other participant in a video call

What do we not store? (This is the data that we might access but will never store)
• Raw audio data.

What do we store? (This is the data that we do store though you can request permanent deletion of this data any time)
• Transcript for your own voice during a meeting.
• Computed metrics on the transcription and the audio data. These include but not limited to Filler words, hedging words, speaking duration, rate of pace, etc.
• Calendar event metadata only start and end time.
• Analytics around your usage of Poise.

What can you delete permanently? (This is the data you can ask us to delete at anytime)
• You can delete your account in its entirety by emailing us at support@poised.com

What are our security policies?
• Company security policies for all employees including: no password reuse, all password generated and stored in secure password management, use Google SSO whenever possible, 2FA enforced on all services
• Only engineers with operational needs have access to production services
• All metadata is stored in a database running in AWS with data encrypted at rest on AWS DynamoDB
• All data between the client and server and between backend services is encrypted in transit using HTTPS.
• All engineers are trained in privacy and security issues

For more detailed information, dive in here. If you have any questions on privacy, email us at support@poised.com